Emma D Dryden talks with CEOKID Magazine about why it’s important to encourage
       children to ask questions and think like entrepreneurs and about her book,
       section of the inaugural Fall 2018 issue. “What Does It Mean To Be An Entrepreneur?
        A Conversation with Emma Dryden.” 10/18





      Emma D Dryden is interviewed on agent Jennifer Laughrean’s Literaticast podcast
      about writing, revision, emotionality of story, differences between MG and YA,
      and more. “Ask an Editor, with Emma Dryden.” 10/18




      Emma D Dryden talks books, perseverance, and the importance of women valuing themselves
       in this interview on “So Booking Cool” 05/18





       Emma D  Dryden shares ideas about what makes a “quiet book” roar in The Mitten,”
       the SCBWI Michigan Chapter Blog  05/18




       Emma D Dryden encourages children to stay courageous and curious in this author interview
       Judy Newman of Scholastic Book Clubs prepared for the publication of the Book Clubs edition




       Emma D Dryden is the proud co-author of the award-winning picture book, WHAT DOES
       IT MEAN TO BEAN ENTREPRENEUR?, with Rana DiOrio, illustrated by Ken Min,
       published by Little Pickle Press (c) 2016



abc       Emma D Dryden is featured in a Kirkus Reviews Magazine article by Julie Danielson,
      "Emma Dryden Takes Care of Business" 04/14/16


abc       Emma D Dryden's guest post on Cynthia Leitich Smith's Cynsations
       "Emma Dryden on Putting the Internal Editor in a Time-Out" 04/11/16



         Emma D Dryden explores the importance of YA literature in a Q&A for Little
         Pickle Press as the press launches its YA imprint, Relish Media.
         “A Chat with Emma D Dryden" 06/01/15





         Emma D Dryden is named Editorial & Publishing Consultant for Egg in the
         Hole Productions
, an exciting new collaborative children’s book series developer.


       Emma D Dryden’s “The Art & Craft of Writing for Children week-long workshop at the
       Martha’s Vineyard Noepe Literary Arts Center is mentioned by the Martha’s Vineyard Times.
       “Noepe Knows No Bounds.” 07/15/15

Emma D Dryden discusses craft, best practices, and offers inspiring advice in an interview with
   Adventures in YA Publishing, “Solutions for the Most  Common Mistakes Writers Make
   and More--An Interview with Editor Emma D. Dryden 06/12/15



    KidLit411 featured an “Editor Spotlight” on Emma D Dryden, drydenbks,
    covering the do’s and don’ts  of submitting a manuscript,  what makes an
    editor stop reading, what gets an editor excited, and more.
    “Editor Spotlight: Emma D. Dryden”

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abc       In honor of the 5th anniversary of drydenbks, interview conducted by author,
       Joanna Marple, on her blog, “Miss Marple’s Musings,” March 2015. Emma
       discusses publishing, children’s books, the life-work balance, and what makes a great editor.
      Happy 5th Anniversary, drydenbks – interview with Emma D Dryden



       An interview with Emma D Dryden on World of Ink Network. 07/21/14




       Children's Book Insider's Laura Backes interviews Emma D Dryden in a
       three- part video series about the state of children's books and publishing;
       what children's authors need to know about publishing successfully; and
       how children's authors can stay as professional as possible.
       Video1, Video2, Video3


       Emma D Dryden serves as Editorial & Publishing Consultant to Time
       Traveler Tours & Tales, an exciting publishing platform that brings history
       to life through interactive creative nonfiction storytelling and visuals in
       apps, eBooks, and print.

       Emma D Dryden serves as an on-going editorial consultant on various Little
       Pickle Press projects. Little Pickle Press is dedicated to helping parents
       and educators cultivate conscious, responsible young people by stimulating
       explorations of meaningful topics through a variety of media, technologies,
       and techniques.  

abc       Emma D Dryden is profiled on "Young People's Pavilion" blog, March 2013.
       "Emma Dryden has 'the rare ability to combine insightful overviews of
       the broad picture with detailed suggestions.'"


abc       Patti Gay interviews Emma D Dryden about illustration, craft, and the  state of children's
       publishing on "The Illustrator's Market," a blog  celebrating the diverse markets and styles
       that illustrators work  in with interviews and illustrative images from those working  in the field
       of art. October 2012. Interview with Emma D Dryden     


abc       “Following the Path to Revision and Reinvention” by Emma D Dryden.
       “Editor’sPerspective” article in Kite Tales, the newsletter of the
       SCBWI-L.A. chapter .Fall 2012.


abc      "Why Children's Publishing Needs Freelance Editors Now" by Emma
      D Dryden. Editorial featured in Publishing Perspectives, the
      online journal of international book publishing news & opinion.
      Children's Books & Publishing edition, 06/20/12.


abc       Author Angie Azur interviews Emma D Dryden about drydenbks, craft,
       reputation, and relationships for her blog "Writing Teazurs," June 2012.
       Interview with Emma D Dryden: Editorial & Publishing Consultant


abc       Author Tara Lazar includes Emma D Dryden in an interview for her blog,
       "Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)," May 2012.
        You Gotta Have Friends: Interview with an Author, Editor and Agent



         Emma D Dryden serves as a juror on the Women’s National Book
         Association’s prestigious Pannell Awards for Bookstores,which
         recognize and publicly applaud the work of booksellers who stimulate,
         promote, and encourage children's and young people's interest in books.


abc       Author Sandra Hershenson interviews Emma D Dryden about digital
       publishing, social networking, and more on her blog, "The Write Stuff,"
       April 2012. Words from the Wise: Emma D Dryden.


abc       In honor of the 2nd anniversary of drydenbks, interview conducted by
       author, Joanna Marple, on her blog, “Miss Marple's Musings,” March 2012.
       Happy Birthday, drydenbks! -- Interview with Emma D Dryden





       Emma D Dryden speaks about the publishing process
       with drydenbks' clients, author Brenda Reeves Sturgis &
       agent Karen Grencik, Red Fox Literary, February 2012.
       "Best Ever You" blog talk radio, The World of Children's Books.



brain burpsemma

     Emma D Dryden discusses picture books,
     process, and popovers with author/illustrator,
     Katie Davis, January 2012.
     "Katie Davis Brain Burps About Books."
     Podcast episode #79:
     Emma Dryden, Editor Extraordinaire



abc       Hear Emma D Dryden discuss drydenbks, the craft of
       children's books, and the marketplace on blogtalkradio's
       "Stories for Children's Show: A Good Story is a Good Story,"
       WorldofInkNetwork, 12/05/11.


abc       Hear Emma D Dryden's interview with bestselling author,
       Emma Walton Hamilton on The Children's Book Hub, 05/10/11.



       Emma D Dryden is on the Board of Advisors of the
       Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI).
       Her appointment was announced on 01/18/11.



abc       Article about drydenbks by Judy Bradbury,
       Children's Writer, 01/2011,
       "Tools & Expertise from drydenbks"

abc       Interview conducted by author, Naomi Canale,
       on her blog, “Dreams Can Be Reached,” 09/05/10.
       Interview with Editor, Emma D Dryden



abc       Emma D Dryden’s answers questions about
       Verse Novels, posed by author, Susan Taylor Brown,
       for an article in Children’s Writer, 03/2010, The Novel World in Verse



Elizabeth Bird                           drydenbks coverage by Elizabeth Bird,
                          A Fuse #8 Production, Fusenews 03/17/10.
                         “Stars in your multitude, scarce to be counted”



                   Article about the drydenbks launch by
                   Sally Lodge, Publishers Weekly, 03/11/10.
                   “Novel Revisions for Emma Dryden”